Pioneering new markets

The development around the year 1450 of the caravel – a small, highly-maneuverable sailing vessel that could sail into the wind – launched a wave of exploration, which we know today as the Age of Discovery.

This revolutionary ship carried pioneering Renaissance-era explorers such as Christopher Columbus, Vasco da Gama and Ferdinand Magellan on their voyages, discovering new lands and opening up new trade routes to reach them.

The caravel played an important role in the development of global sea trade, bringing different civilizations closer and ushering in a new era of economic activity, prosperity and development around the world.

Today, as global trade patterns are again being transformed by the shift of economic power towards Asia and through increasing use of technology, The Caravel Group seeks to navigate the tides of change with the speed, nimbleness and flexibility of our namesake – focusing on the world’s high-growth markets with the same adventurous spirit of discovery that drove the early explorers.

Market-leading excellence across our entire organization

Our journey began in 2013 with a vision: inspired by the great explorers who opened up the world to trade, we envisaged a new type of business that would navigate the economic complexities of today's world with the same agility and openness to opportunity. A business that would embrace separate streams of activity which currently include – maritime services; the trading and logistics of dry bulk raw materials; and investment management activity and strategic asset ownership – and draw strength from the synergy between them. A business that would understand our customers’ needs and respond to them with timely and efficient value-added solutions, while adhering to the highest ethical standards.

Today that vision has taken shape as The Caravel Group – now among the world’s market leaders in our primary lines of business, and still driven by the same passion and inquiring spirit.


vessels technically managed, operated or owned

150 million

MT of cargo transported annually

Structured for success

The Caravel Group Limited, headquartered in Hong Kong SAR, is a diversified global conglomerate. Through our multiple operating units, we provide value-added solutions in distinct – but complementary – areas, while focusing on identifying and capitalizing on selected opportunities within each. Across all our activities – including the efforts of our charitable arm, the Caravel Foundation – we seek to emulate the agility and global impact of our namesake vessel, the caravel. Like the caravel, we have the flexibility to adapt and respond quickly to the frequent changes in today’s fast-moving markets – charting a fresh course whenever new opportunities present themselves.

Caravel Maritime


  • Fleet Management Limited – third-party ship management
  • Caravel Shipping – in-house and third-party dry bulk commercial and chartering services
  • Maritime asset ownership
  • Maritime investments

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Caravel Resources


  • Trading of industrial dry bulk commodities
  • Focus on raw materials for steel making and power generation
  • Main products traded are iron ore, coal and coke

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Caravel Asset Management


  • Direct investments in global liquid asset classes
  • Alternative investments such as private equity and hedge funds
  • Focus on risk management to sustain returns through market volatility

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The Caravel Foundation


  • Giving back to the community via long-term support for selected charities
  • Focus on education and healthcare for underprivileged young people
  • Scholarships to leading universities

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